1   Muscat Flavored Candy (x)
1   Japanese Biscuit Stick "Pocky" Peanut (x)
1   Japanese Biscuit Stick "Pocky" Peanut Crush 2.92oz (x)
1   Choco Pie (x)
1   Japanese Biscuit Stick "Pocky" Almond (x)
1   Peanut Crunch Snack (x)
1   Japanese Soba Tsuyu (straight) Noodle Sauce - 10oz (x)
1   Kikkoman Soy Sauce - 5oz (x)
1   SP Soy Sauce "Jin S" - 33.78oz (x)
1   Japanese Sesame Oil - 5.5oz (x)
1   Salted Fish Sauce: Kanari for Kimchi - 17.6oz (x)
1   Oyster Flavored Sauce - 18oz (x)
1   Ponzu - Citrus Seasoned Soy Sauce Dressing - 10oz (x)
1   Salted Fish Sauce: Anchovy for Kimchi - 23oz (x)
1   Bekse Curry Hot - 100g (x)
1   Kalbi Marinade for Ribs -960g (x)
1   Red Pepper Paste for Korean Pan Fry Rice Cake - 5.3oz (x)
1   SP Soy Sauce for Soup (x)
1   Japanese Seasoning Soy sauce "Tsuyu No Moto" Noodle Sauce - 13.5oz (x)
1   Kikkoman Soy Sauce "37% Less Sodium" - 5oz (x)
1   Kikkoman Soy Sauce (Household) - 5oz (x)
1   Pork Cutlet Sauce - 16.75oz (x)
1   Black Soy Drink - 6.74oz (x)
1   Japanese Style Chopstick - Blue Tip (x)
1   Plastic Sushi Rolling Mat (x)
1   Kokomen Spicy Chicken Ramen Noodle (x)
1   Shin Ramen Black - Premium Noodle Soup (x)
1   Ginger Honey Tea (x)
1   Corn Tea - 30 teabags (x)
1   Citron Honey Tea - 500g (x)
1   Chinese Quince with Honey Tea - 1kg (x)
1   Japanese 100% Green Tea "Sen-Cha" - 16 teabags (x)
1   Maxim Coffee Mix - Mocha Gold Mild - 100pks (x)
1   Maxim Coffee Mix - Original flavor - 100pks (x)
1   Korean Ginseng Tea - 100pks (x)
1   Maxim White Gold Coffee Mix - 100 sticks (x)
1   Korean Brown rice & Green tea "Genmai-cha" - 25 teabags (x)
1   Jujube Tea - 15g x 15pks (x)
1   Ginger Tea - 15g x 15pks (x)
1   Korean Red Ginseng Tea - 60pks (x)




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Maxim Coffee Mix - Mocha Gold Mild - 100pks


Citron Honey Tea - 500g


Korean Red Ginseng Tea - 60pks


Korean Brown rice & Green tea "Genmai-cha" - 25 teabags


Maxim White Gold Coffee Mix - 100 sticks

Plastic Sushi Rolling Mat

Plastic Sushi Rolling Mat

Maxim White Gold Coffee Mix - 100 sticks

Maxim White Gold Coffee Mix - 100 sticks

Korean Ginseng Tea - 100pks


Korean Ginseng Tea NET WT.: 7.04 oz / 100 pks / 1 Pack Per 1 Serving INGREDIENTS: Ginseng extract, lactos, glucose HOW TO PREPARE A TASTY CUP OF GINSENG TEA * Hot Tea: For each cup, dissolve a packet into a cup of hot water, stir well. * Iced Tea: Dissolve one or more packets into a glass of cold water, stir well and add ice cubes before serving. * A more inviting taste can be provided by mixing instant ginseng tea with coffee, tea, lemon, milk or juice. * Honey or other sweetener may be added to taste. * Vary the strength (amount of water) to suit your taste. Why is Korean Ginseng better than any other Ginseng and Herbs? Ginseng saponin that is known as major positive medical ingredient is called as "GINSENOSIDE" which has unique chemical structure that is different from saponins that are included in other plants and its efficacy is different and prominent. According to the development of latest separation analysis technology, 30 chemical structures of Korean Ginseng (=Insam) saponins are found. Korean Ginseng includes 30 saponins much more than 14 in American Ginseng, 15 in Chinese Ginseng. Thus, the quality of Korean (=Goryeo) Ginseng is different from those of other countries, so much so that Korean Ginseng has its own scientific name. Product Info: Tea bag of Korean Ginseng is an easy way to enjoy healthy herbal drink at office or home. All you need is cup of hot water to taste rich aroma of Korean Herb. Also due to its stimulant ingredients, Korean Ginseng is healthier substitution of Coffee. If you want you tea to be sweet, try mixing it with natural honey or other sweet tea products. MANUFACTURE: Korea Ginseng. PRODUCT OF KOREA(ROK)

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