1   Hash - 3.5oz (x)
1   Canned Yellow Peach (x)
1   Chinese Stir-Fry Sauce for Minced pork w/Tofu Medium Hot - 3.8oz (x)
1   Lychees in Syrup (x)
1   Sweetened Red Bean - 16.75oz (x)
1   Very spicy Hot ramen noodles (x)
1   Spicy Pepper Tuna (x)
1   Fiery Garlic Taste Namja Ramen Noodle (x)
1   Instant Miso Soup Paste "Otokuna 11 Shoku Awase Miso" - 8.50oz (x)
1   Instant Miso Soup Paste "Otokuna 11 Shoku Shiro Miso" - 8.05oz (x)
1   Japanese Vegetable Curry Medium Hot - 7.4oz (x)
1   Mu Pama Tang Myun ramen noodles (x)
1   Curry Medium Hot - 17.6oz (x)
1   Spicy Seafood Noodle ramen Ott (x)
1   Sutah Ramen - Spicy flavor (x)
1   Kimchi flavored Noodle ramen SY (x)




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Instant Curry "In 3 Minutes Curry" - 6.70oz


Instant Black Bean Sauce "In 3 Minutes Chajang" - 5.64oz


Red Pepper Paste for Korean Pan Fry Rice Cake - 5.3oz


Black Bean Sauce - 3.5oz/100g


Japanese Vegetable Curry Medium Hot - 7.4oz

Plastic Sushi Rolling Mat

Plastic Sushi Rolling Mat

Plastic Sushi Rolling Mat

Plastic Sushi Rolling Mat

Curry Medium Hot - 17.6oz


Ottogi Curry, Medium Hot - Instant Curry Mix, Powder Style NET WT.: 17.6 oz / SERVINGS ABOUT 33 INGREDIENTS: Wheat flour, curry powder, salt, corn starch, palm oil, glucose COOKING DIRECTION: *Ingredients for 5 servings: Ottogi curry sauce - 100g, meat(beef, chicken or pork) - 150g, 2 onions, 1 potato, 1 carrot, corn oil - 2 Ts, water - 700cc 1) Cut meat, onion, potato and carrot in medium size. 2) Fry cutted vegetables with corn oil and pour the water. Boil it until it cooked. 3) Turn off the stove, put curry powder little by little with mixing. 4) Turn on the stove and boil it to be thick. 5) Pour the curry sauce on rice or noodle. Serve! MANUFACTURE: Ottogi Corp. DISTRIBUTOR: Hanmi, Inc. PRODUCT OF KOREA(ROK)

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