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Gas Whal Myung Su Indigestion Drink - 2.5oz


U Hwang Chung Sim Won MIRACLE DRUG - 1 pill


Spring Roll Skin - 12oz


Toothpaste w/Bamboo Salt


U Hwang Chung Sim Won MIRACLE DRUG - Liquid 50ml

Kokomen Spicy Chicken Ramen Noodle

Kokomen Spicy Chicken Ramen Noodle

Godulbaegi (Korean Lettuce) Kimchi

Godulbaegi (Korean Lettuce) Kimchi

U Hwang Chung Sim Won MIRACLE DRUG - 1 pill


U Hwang Chung Sim Won LIFE-PRESERVING MIRACLE DRUG After having been absorbed in the research and developement of specialization drugs for many years, the Cho Seon Pharmaceutical and Trading Company is proud to announce its perfection of a drug which we do not hesitate in heralding as a "miracle drug". This drug, made from carefully selected high quality herbs and special parts of certain wild animals, had been developed for the treatment of hypertension, apoplexy, cerebral nerve illness and cardiac diseases. In recent years, through much progress has been made in the development of pharmaceuticals and in medical science, until now no medicine has been discovered which has actually had any real sffectiveness in the treatment and relief of the ailments listed above. It is only now that, by the strenous sfforts of Cho Seon Pharmaceutical and Trading Company that this drug is being presented, already with proven sffectiveness and an ensuing rapidly growing reputation, on the Southeast Asian and Japanese markets. Consequently the Pine Tree brand has become the symbol of the effective treatment and relief of hypertension, apoplexy, cerebral nerve illness, and cardiac diseases. We wholeheartedly recommend this proven miracle drug to suffers of these aliments. INDICATIONS: 1) Apoplexy Diseases: Hypertension, apoplexy, hemiplegia, general paraplegia, bell's palsy, paralysis of extremities, weakness of extremities, rheumatism 2) Cardiac Diseases: Palpitation, sinus tachycardia, cardiac arrest, cardiac valvular disorders. 3) Celebral Diseases: Celebral apoplexy, ischemia, celebral congestion, epilepsy, acute&chronic convulsion, vertigo, coma, celebral concussion, schizophrenia, meningitis, carbon monoxide poisoning 4) Nerve Diseases: Nervousness, anxiety neurosis, neutrogenic gastric diseases, ischiagia, neutrogenic headache DOSAGE: 1 to 2 times a day by chewing, or dissolving with warm water. For adults - one pill per time For children - 8 to 15 years (2/3 pill), 5 to 7 years (1/2 pill), 2 to 4 years (1/3 pill), under 1 year (1/4 pill) NOTE: 1) The gilt coating of the pill should cause no concern as the PURE GOLD itself is one of the medicinal ingredients. 2) Keeping the pill in a dry place is recommended. 3) If the pill exposed to moisture unavoidably, some discoloration may occur. However, this has not any harm effect on the medicinal properties. MANUFACTURE: Cho Seon Pharmaceutical & Trading Co. PRODUCT OF KOREA(ROK)

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