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Banana Flavored Milk


Cutted Cabbage Kimchi - 35 oz


Rice Cake for Korean Spicy Pan Broil "DDUCKBOKI"


Cutted Cabbage Kimchi - 17.6oz


Rice Cake for Traditional Korean New Year Soup "DDUCKGOOK"

Japanese Style Chopstick - Blue Tip

Japanese Style Chopstick - Blue Tip

Canned Braised Burdock In Soy Sauce

Canned Braised Burdock In Soy Sauce

Korean Pear


Fresh & traditional "Shin-Go" Korean pear Net Wt.: 1.4-1.6 pounds per Pear Biting into "Shin-Go" Korean Pear is truly like biting into a waterfall. Exploding with chin drenching sweetness is the hallmark of these delicious fruits. When fully ripe, pears are both russet or brown skinned fruits, pronounced flavor with a subtle hint of citrus. Kids absolutely love them. We recommend these for the first timers new to the Asian Pear's truly unique and delightful taste experience. The Large "Shin-Go" Korean Pear is similar to the Shinko (Japanese Pear) in texture but is lot more sweeter and surprisingly, unexpectedly juicy. Nothing quite describes the unique flavor of this pear except to say that it's satisfyingly delicious. Serve slices of Large Korean Pear after a meal and you will not hear any complaints. "Shin-Go" Korean pears are known for their extra sweet taste and juiciness. And now, local scientists are touting Korean pears for their health benefits, especially in preventing cancer. An apple a day keeps the doctors away, or so the saying goes. But a pear a day may keep cancer at bay, according to South Korean researchers. A local university research team claims pears, when consumed regularly after meals, can speed up the elimination of carcinogenic substances acquired from smoking or in some cases eating meat that's been overroasted or burnt. In their study, the amount of cancer-causing substances found in the urine of people who consumed slices of the Korean pear after indulging in roasted meat was up to 5 times higher per hour than those did not eat the pear. "Pears can flush out cancer-causing substances from our system so that they are not inside our body for a long time." In the case of smokers, the amount of cancer-causing substances in the blood is said to have decreased significantly, according to the scientists, after consuming the Korean pear, while those substance levels increased in their urine. The researchers also recommend heating pear juice, saying heat increases the cancer-preventing substances in the fruit. They advise people, especially meat-lovers and smokers, get in the habit of having a pear after meals as a simple and tasty way to prevent cancer. Imported from Na-Ju, South Korea


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