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Pine Nut Rice Porridge - 2.82oz


Rice Porridge w/Vegetables - 10.05oz


Black Sesame Rice Porridge - 2.82oz


Rice Porridge w/Pumpkin & Honey - 10.05oz


Sweet Chestnut & Red bean "Adzuki" Porridge - 10.05oz

Plastic Sushi Rolling Mat

Plastic Sushi Rolling Mat

Canned Braised Burdock In Soy Sauce

Canned Braised Burdock In Soy Sauce

Sweet Chestnut & Red bean "Adzuki" Porridge - 10.05oz



Nutrition Facts

Amount Per Serving Calories
Calories 300   
  Calories from Fat 0   
    % Daily Value
Total Fat 0g  0% 
  Saturated Fat 0g  0% 
  Trans Fat 0g   
Cholesterol 0mg  0% 
Sodium 570mg  24% 
Total Carbohydrate 67g  22% 
  Dietary Fiber 0g  0% 
  Sugars 16g   
Protein 7g   
  Vitamin A 0%  Vitamin C 0%
  Calcium 0%  Iron 0%

Sweet Chestnut & Red bean "Adzuki" Porridge

NET WT.: 10.05 oz / FOR 1 SERVING / Spoon is included

INGREDIENTS: Chestnut, adzuki(red bean), rice, sugar, salt, water, sesame

* Boiling water 1) Place the package directly into boiling water. Do not open the package. Do not cover the pot. Boil for 5 minutes.
2) Carefully remove package from boiling water. Package and contents are extremely hot.
* Microwave : Heating time will vary depending on the power of your microwaveoven. Adjust according to your microwave oven. (Cooking time is based on a 900 awatt microwave oven.)
1) Remove the aluminum cover under the plastic cover. Place the plastic cover on it and place the package into a microwave.
2) Cook on high 2 minute or until hot. And let it stand 30 seconds. Carefully remove the package from oven. Handle with care as heated contents may splatter.

Dry adzuki beans are small dark red, oval beans approximately 5 mm in diameter. They have a distinctive white ridge along one side. Adzuki beans are popular across Asia, particularly in Japan, and are used to make red sweet bean paste. The Adzuki Bean (Vigna angularis) has been grown in the Far East for centuries. Like the soybean, it most probably originated in China, and was introduced to Japan around 1000 AD. Today in Japan, Adzuki beans one of the largest crops, with annual consumption of over 120,000 Metric Tons. The Adzuki Bean is not found in the wild. The Adzuki Bean, like other edible beans, is used directly as a food. In the Far East, where it is often known as the "Mercedes" of beans, it is pricipaly used, after fermentation, as a confectionery product. In North America and Europe it is valued for its relativly low cooking time (approx. 1 hour) as well as low fat and high protein and natural sugar nutirtional profile.

MANUFACTURE: Dongwon F&B Co., Ltd.


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