1   Ott Korean Style Thick Wheat Soba Noodle "Kuk-soo" (Asian Angel Hair) - 31.68oz/900g (x)
1   Wa Korean Style Soba Noodles "nang-myun" w/Spicy Sauce - 22oz (x)
1   Japanese tofu Shirataki Low cal/carb "Fettuccine" style noodles (x)
1   CS Korean Style Soba Noodles "nang-myun" w/Soup Base - 1.63lbs (x)
1   Ott Korean Style Thin Wheat Soba Noodle "Kuk-soo" (Asian Angel Hair) - 1.98lbs/900g (x)
1   Wa Korean Style Thin Soba Noodle "Gook-soo" (Asian Angel Hair) - 3lbs (x)
1   Japanese tofu Shirataki Low cal/carb "Thin" style noodles (x)
1   HT Korean Style Soba Noodles "nang-myun" w/Soup Base - 24oz (x)
1   Korean Style Starch Noodles "jopchae" - 12oz (x)
1   Wa Korean Style Thick Udon Noodle "Gook-soo" (Asian Linguine) - 3lbs (x)
1   Shrimp Stick - 30 bags (x)
1   Sweet Potato Stick - 30 bags (x)
1   Shrimp Stick - Hot/Spicy - 30 bags (x)
1   Japanese Biscuit Stick "Pocky" Peanut - 5pks (x)
1   Japanese Biscuit Stick "Pocky" Almond - 5pks (x)
1   Japanese Chocolate cracker "Kinoko no Yama" - 10pks (x)
1   Japanese Biscuit Stick "Pocky" Almond Crush - 10pks (x)
1   Japanese Chocolate cracker "Takenoko no Sato" - 10pks (x)
1   Potato Stick - 30 bags (x)
1   Japanese Biscuit Stick "Pocky" Strawberry - 10pks (x)
1   Plastic Sushi Rolling Mat (x)
1   Japanese Style Chopstick - Blue Tip (x)
1   Black Soy Drink - 6.74oz (x)
1   Shin Ramen Black - Premium Noodle Soup (x)
1   Kokomen Spicy Chicken Ramen Noodle (x)
1   Table Buzzer Receiver - Black (x)
1   Table Buzzer Transmitter - Brown (x)
1   Table Buzzer Transmitter - Black (x)
1   Table Buzzer Receiver - Brown (x)
1   Table Buzzer Receiver 8 Displays - Black (x)
1   Ponzu - Citrus Seasoned Soy Sauce Dressing - 10oz (x)
1   Japanese Soba Tsuyu (straight) Noodle Sauce - 10oz (x)
1   SP Soy Sauce for Soup (x)
1   Kikkoman Soy Sauce "37% Less Sodium" - 5oz (x)
1   Kalbi Marinade for Ribs -960g (x)
1   Japanese Seasoning Soy sauce "Tsuyu No Moto" Noodle Sauce - 13.5oz (x)
1   Salted Fish Sauce: Kanari for Kimchi - 17.6oz (x)
1   Kikkoman Soy Sauce (Household) - 5oz (x)
1   Red Pepper Paste for Korean Pan Fry Rice Cake - 5.3oz (x)




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CJW Hot Pepper Paste - 2.2lbs


Crushed Red Pepper - 16oz


Tofu Broth Seasoning: Seafood - 1.58oz


Instant Beef Soup Stock (Dashida) - 10.58oz


Bulgogi Marinade for Beef - 960g

Black Soy Drink - 6.74oz

Black Soy Drink - 6.74oz

Canned Braised Lotus Root In Soy Sauce

Canned Braised Lotus Root In Soy Sauce

Pork Cutlet Sauce - 16.75oz


Pork Cutlet Sauce

NET WT.: 16.75 oz / SERVINGS ABOUT 32

INGREDIENTS: sugar apple puree, distilled vinegar, tomato paste, corn syrup, salt, modified starch, yeast extract powder, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, red pepper powder

Pork Cutlet "Tonkatsu" in Japanese invented in the 1930s, is one of the most popular dishes in Japan. It consists of a breaded deep-fried pork cutlet, and is generally served with shredded cabbage, white rice, and miso soup. It is eaten with a brown pork cutlet sauce, the ingredients of which vary from place to place but which has a taste close to Worcestershire sauce. (One of Japanese dishes appeared during Meiji period by imitating western dishes (Yoshoku) and adapting to Japanese taste. It is prepared by dredging a slice of pork loin or tenderloin lightly in flour, dipping it in beaten egg, breading, and deep-frying. It is customarily served with shredded cabbage and dressed with a Japanese version of Worcestershire sauce.) Some people also like to eat their tonkatsu with a spicy yellow mustard.



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